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At its current state, the global halal industry is driven by various accreditation bodies and conformity assessment bodies from the public and private sectors that all aim to ensure halal products are properly marked and certified.

Upholding the tenets of Shariah (principle) law, IHAF’s exists to lead halal accreditation practices worldwide through unifying halal criteria and practices all over the globe and generate a global agreement among the accreditation bodies that would ease the flow of goods between countries and create a halal market consumers can trust.


Our ultimate mission may be broken down into the following roles:

• Ensures that accreditation bodies* working in halal field are strictly and consistently adheres to agreed standards that comply with the principles of Islamic law and Shariah (principle)
• Continuously monitors and evaluates members’ accreditation practices in halal field.

• Taps every country’s accreditation body, and discusses with them the importance of creating a global and harmonized platform for halal products
• Forges partnerships and multilateral agreements among countries that are importing and exporting halal products

• Compiles criteria in halal accreditation practices and share them with other bodies within IHAF
• Introduces and maintains one unified halal platform that is globally accepted
• Assists in developing excellent halal infrastructure in countries that are yet to fully establish their Shariah (principle)-compliant systems

• Assures governments and regulatory bodies that halal products under the IHAF’s umbrella need no further testing, certification or verification; thus minimizing costs for the government
• Streamlines accreditation, certification and monitoring processes
• Advocates cost-effective accreditation; thus producing cheaper halal goods
• Promotes accessibility to global markets for halal-related firms

• Builds and maintains trust and confidence in the global halal industry by reaching out to as many countries as possible and ensuring that the key players are in our fold
• Ensures that guidelines, memberships and related standards are widely disseminated

* IHAF’s membership is mainly composed of accreditation agencies, but we welcome other halal industry players, such as testing laboratories associations, inspection bodies associations and trade and consumers organizations, as interested parties.

IHAF mission is supported by the following objectives:

– Harmonization of the accreditation practices and procedures that are related to conformity assessment in the field of halal to ensure compliance with the provisions of Shariah (principle) law.

– Providing a system for mutual recognition between member accreditation bodies to facilitate international trade in the field of halal.

– Development of conformity assessment systems in the field of halal, through the development of research and studies in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of Islamic Shariah (principle) law.

– Supports members and provide assistance in building their infrastructure of conformity assessment to meet the needs of all interested parties who wish to obtain specialized testing services, inspection services and certification services in the field of halal.

– Cooperation with regional and international parties that have common goals.

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