Developing and Operating system(s) for member accreditation bodies to accept each other’s halal conformity results in order to eliminate halal trade barriers.



Globally recognized as the Halal Accreditation platform.



What We Do

At its current state, the global halal industry is driven by various accreditation bodies, recognition bodies and conformity assessment bodies from the public and private sectors that all aim to ensure halal products are properly marked and certified. Various countries have different sets of acceptable criteria in certifying halal products, and inadvertently forming trade barriers among them.

IHAF is established to harmonize halal accreditation practices among its members and to generate a global agreement among the authorities.  IHAF plays a vital role in protecting the integrity of the entire halal value chain. It is essential for the industry to have unified schemes that contain adequate criteria and suitable verification systems that could be implemented globally. Therefore; harmonization is becoming increasingly important and considered as a key to the halal value chain. This would ease the flow of halal goods between countries and create a halal market that consumers can trust, in respect to Sharia law.

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