Structure of Documentation

The structure of IHAF documentation consists of four levels:

– Level 1: Bylaw, Rules, Polices, Regulations, Procedures & Guidelines

Bylaw – approved | النظام الأساسي – المعتمد | IHAF Nomination and Voting Guideline  (IHAF/G 003:2019) | Guideline for IHAF Training System (IHAF/G 001:2019) | Halal Sharia Committee Guideline (IHAF/G 004:2019)


– Level 2: Management System Manual

– Level 3: Secretariat Work Instructions

– Level 4: Forms

First and second level documents are approved by IHAF General Assembly, third and fourth level documents are approved by Secretary General.


Policy Documents (IHAF/PY Series):

Policy documents are regulations of conduct & actions geared towards realizing IHAF set of directions and goals (guiding principles for decision making to achieve a direction in IHAF).

  • IHAF Membership Policy (IHAF/PY-01: 2017)
  • IHAF Appeals Policy (IHAF/PY-02: 2017) (Download File Here)


Rules Documents (IHAF RD Series):

Rules documents are documents prescribed and laid down as a guide for conduct to determine what to do and not to do.

  • Rules for Using IHAF MRA Logo (IHAF/RD 01:2017) under review by MRA Committee.
  • IHAF Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (IHAF/RD 02:2017) (Download File Here)
  • Criteria for Halal Accreditation Body (IHAF/RD 03:2018) (Download File Here)
  • Criteria for Halal Certification Body (IHAF/RD 04:2018) (Download File Here)
  • Multi-Lateral Recognition Arrangement Committee -MRAC Terms of Reference (IHAF/RD-MRAC TOR 01:2017) – restricted for members only.
  • Technical Affairs Committee -TAC Terms of Reference (IHAF/RD-TAC TOR 02:2017) – restricted for members only.
  • Marketing and Media Committee -MMC Terms of Reference (IHAF/RD-MMC TOR 03:2017) – restricted for members only.
  • IHAF Multi-Lateral Recognition Arrangement (MRA) (IHAF/RD-MRA 001:2017) (Download File Here)
  • IHAF Policies and Procedures for A Multi-Lateral Recognition Arrangement (MRA) Among Accreditation Bodies (IHAF/RD-MRA 002:2017) – restricted for members only.
  • Policies and Procedures for Expansion of the Scope of the IHAF MRA to new Halal Schemes (IHAF/RD-5:2019) (Download File Here)
  • IHAF REPORT ON PERFORMANCE OF THE ACCREDITATION BODY (IHAF/Peer Evaluation Report – F41:2019) (Download File Here)


Procedures Documents ((IHAF PR Series):

Procedures Documents are documents that includes series of steps showing how to accomplish a task.

  • Membership Procedure (IHAF/PR 02: 2017)
  • Appeals Handling Procedure (IHAF/PR-03: 2018)
  • Preparing Policy and Procedure (IHAF/PR-04: 2018)- restricted for members only.
  • IHAF Procedure for Qualification, Training, and Monitoring of Peer Evaluators – (IHAF/PR- MRA 003:2019) – under preparation by MRA Committee. (Download File Here)


IAF Mandatory Documents  For the use of information and communication technology ( ICT) for Auditing /Assessment Purposes



Withdrawn Documents

No withdrawn documents

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